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Dining Room Furniture Stores > Furniture Kitchen Dining > Dining Tables > Yumanmod > Yumanmod Dining Table Antares White high gloss base. With additional clear glass in lacquered white. Oval shape. Base Color: White. Top Glass Top. Top Wood. Top Wood Species:. Seating : 6. Table Shape: Oval. Table. Home Family Furniture - Manufacturer brand item 641754679 ANTARES-420 190225942305 YOD1176. Manufacturered by Yumanmod. Dining Tables prices and availability may vary from time to time. Please contact Wayfair's customer service for ordering information, payment options, order tracking, return policy and guarantee offered.

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Dining Table Screen Product Image 1219
Item: 02295-600-060 192424220444 AHCL1170 Dining Table Screen - Furniture Kitchen Dining The top has starburst veneer pattern made of American white oak with a gray stained finish. Dining table top delivered on...
Dining Table Gettys Product Image 1219
Item: BYST6038 42065773 192261616103 BYST6038_23622122 Dining Table Gettys - Furniture Kitchen Dining With plastic glides. Materials: Solid walnut, metal. Walnut wood top, straight edge, metal leg base. Clear coat finish. Pieces....
Dining Table Top Viola Product Image 1219
Item: FDLL7355 43898973 192266688785 FDLL7355_24769630_24769632 Dining Table Top Viola - Furniture Kitchen Dining Induced by the lasting strength of the trestle bridge, Dining Table with timeless style is made to last. The warmth of copper...
Rectangular Dining Table Tudor Product Picture 1219
Item: TM01.04.02 191827659400 YOD1872_20742757 Rectangular Dining Table Tudor Matt lacquered structure distinct color leg. Thick wooden top. Fixed natural stripped oak top lacquered metal base. Pieces....
Dining Table Quadron Product Picture 1219
Item: OZ01.01.01 190968512186 YOD1806 Dining Table Quadron Extendable Dining Table is an exceptional Italian made table. It is a product designed to become home. A contemporary and...
Extendable Dining Table Enea Product Picture 1219
Item: TM01.08.01 192199916184 YOD2937 Extendable Dining Table Enea Wonderful and easy home design for 29. 5 Extendable Dining Table. Has 2 side extensions to let the user host more people...
Oval Extendable Dining Table Base Onda Product Picture 1219
Item: OZ01.07.01 190971891605 YOD1820_20297544_20297545 Oval Extendable Dining Table Base Onda High precision synchronized movements meet harmonious and flowing shapes in the table . extendable dining table has a central...
Extendable Dining Table Edward Product Picture 1219
Item: BR01.06.01 190976336330 YOD1729_18432407 Extendable Dining Table Edward The typical mark of the table is the elegant structure, where the oak wood top connects to the solid oak wood leg, lightened...
Dining Set Montecarlo Product Photo 1219

BENN1446 190248820994 BENN1446 Dining Set Montecarlo - Furniture Kitchen Dining Set has 1 table and 4 chairs. collection. Corner blocked. Glass top. Occasional tables. Solid mahogany finish. Designer...
Extendable Dining Table Oasi Product Photo 1219

02.83M205C150 190256125395 BTC1152 Extendable Dining Table Oasi - Furniture Kitchen Dining Base finish: Stainless steel. Gloss white glass top. Designed by: Sergio Giobbi. 2 made in leaf extensions on end of table....

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