Eastern Legends Lorraine Rectangular Extendable Dining Table

Rectangular Extendable Dining Table Lorraine Product Photo

Dining Room Furniture Stores > Furniture Kitchen Dining > Dining Tables > Eastern Legends > Eastern Legends Rectangular Extendable Dining Table Lorraine The collection is a pleasing montage of hand painted furniture pieces that will greatly enhance the beauty of home. collection. Inlay table top design. Pieces. Top Color: Chestnut. Base Color: Chestnut. Top. Home Family Furniture - Manufacturer brand item 702278732 140070 702038304555 EALG1312. Manufacturered by Eastern Legends. Dining Tables prices and availability may vary from time to time. Please contact Wayfair's customer service for ordering information, payment options, order tracking, return policy and guarantee offered.

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Ashley Beds Picture
Ashley Letti
Brand Ashley Beds (Dark brown finish with replicated oak grain. Glossy faux marble tops and pilasters accented)
Circular Fixed Dining Table Bob Product Image 1377
Item: CN-B-180 192193946149 YOD2898 Circular Fixed Dining Table Bob - Furniture Kitchen Dining The clean sinuous lines of round table enhance the exceptional value of its materials and making. Made in oil finished American...
Dining Table Top Westgate Product Image 1377
Item: BR01.11.03 190957491195 YOD1736_20707456_18526655 Dining Table Top Westgate - Furniture Kitchen Dining The table brings the Italian tradition of wood working. A unique product in which 3 distinct valuable wood essences, American...
Dining Table Higgins Product Image 1377
Item: LOPK7935 43882994 192266619864 LOPK7935 Dining Table Higgins - Furniture Kitchen Dining Oak table with extension in craftsmanship by Italian artisans. 100 procent Solid oak. Antique appearance. Easy mix and match....
Extendable Dining Table Verona Product Picture 1377
Item: 58070 702038304913 EALG1341 Extendable Dining Table Verona The Extendable Dining Table collection is the Italian furniture collection. JWLC has g 1 to exceptional effort to assure...
Display Stand Margua Product Picture 1377
Item: 57093M 190719436662 EALG1037 Display Stand Margua The x Curio Cabinet has an American country style design with mirrored back panel and is made and finished with exceptional...
Round Dining Table Margua Product Picture 1377
Item: 57072 702038304746 EALG1324 Round Dining Table Margua The x Round Dining Table is an American country style design and is made and finished with exceptional effort to assure the...
Extendable Dining Table Regency Product Picture 1377
Item: 36070 192196067179 EALG1018 Extendable Dining Table Regency Extendable Dining Table has soft rounded corners and a double row of elegant reading that borders the table top and apron....
Extendable Dining Table Manchester Product Picture 1377
Item: 124070 190599270554 EALG1051 Extendable Dining Table Manchester The Extendable Dining Table has a formal design with birch wood accents and ash burl veneer and is made and finished with...
Outdoor Dining Table Occidental Product Photo 1377

A-OC-T-A-96 191833328543 LYS1072_11883618 Outdoor Dining Table Occidental - Furniture Kitchen Dining ARTLESS Tables and Benches hit a new plateau in overall approach. Not merely in design approach, not in manufacturing process...
Extendable Dining Table French Product Photo 1377

37-2345-272-C 192418050903 JWP1246_25881429_25881421 Extendable Dining Table French - Furniture Kitchen Dining Quality craftsmanship. Pieces. Top Color:. Base Color:. Leaf Yes No of Leaves: 2. Seating :. Table Shape: Rectangular. Table...

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