Eastern Legends Monterey Rectangular Dining Table

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Dining Room Furniture Stores > Furniture Kitchen Dining > Dining Tables > Eastern Legends > Eastern Legends Extendable Dining Table Monterey The is the unique art of blending the best design elements of France, England, Spain, Portugal, Holland and Austria. The impressive result is a style that is distinctly Belgium. impressive chest has decorations of hand carved shells,. Home Family Furniture - Manufacturer brand item 666267261 126070 190969443786 EALG1252. Manufacturered by Eastern Legends. Dining Tables prices and availability may vary from time to time. Please contact Wayfair's customer service for ordering information, payment options, order tracking, return policy and guarantee offered.

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Dining Table Tempe Product Image 2677
Item: BR01.10.01 190973772988 YOD1732 Dining Table Tempe - Furniture Kitchen Dining Of essential shapes and modern character, is the artistic result of an aesthetic and formal research. The tripodal base,...
Dining Table Butterfly Product Image 2677
Item: BII-3000 190251846189 SHZ1375 Dining Table Butterfly - Furniture Kitchen Dining dining table is elegantly designed in the format of a butterfly. The wings of the butterflies are crackled and clear and...
Dining Table Curvology Product Image 2677
Item: C1300 190251846202 SHZ1377 Dining Table Curvology - Furniture Kitchen Dining Cast acrylic dining table has 2 bases. Every 1 is made out of 1 clear acrylic and 1 frosted acrylic piece. Hand etching and...
Extendable Dining Table Regency Product Picture 2677
Item: 36070 192196067179 EALG1018 Extendable Dining Table Regency Extendable Dining Table has soft rounded corners and a double row of elegant reading that borders the table top and apron....
Extendable Dining Table Manchester Product Picture 2677
Item: 124070 190599270554 EALG1051 Extendable Dining Table Manchester The Extendable Dining Table has a formal design with birch wood accents and ash burl veneer and is made and finished with...
Dining Table Tuscano Product Picture 2677
Item: 59074 702038304135 EALG1299 Dining Table Tuscano The collection is the Italian furniture collection. Eastern Legends has g 1 to exceptional effort to assure the quality...
Dining Table Bellissimo Product Picture 2677
Item: 96060 192194672245 EALG1042 Dining Table Bellissimo The Dining Table represents many years of research and development. unique piece of furniture exemplifies the highest level...
Extendable Dining Table Burgundy Product Picture 2677
Item: 65070 192197428634 EALG1267 Extendable Dining Table Burgundy The designs of the collection are inspired by a region in France that is renowned for its splendid castles, ancient churches...
Bar Cabinet Hutt Product Photo 2677

CF916B495F1B450F96717ADF47979406 192441222957 MWPD1098 Bar Cabinet Hutt - Furniture Kitchen Dining Elegant bar in walnut, made by Italian craftsmen in Veneto, not far from Venice, special in North America. Decor by the gray...
Court Dining Set Parisian Product Photo 2677

127070 192427622993 EALG1337 Court Dining Set Parisian - Furniture Kitchen Dining Court collection. No of Items 9. Pieces 1 Table, 8 Chairs. Table Mechanism: Self Storing Leaf. Leaf Yes No of Leaves: 2....

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