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Dining Room Furniture Stores > Furniture Kitchen Dining > Dining Tables > Yumanmod > Yumanmod Dining Table Tempe Of essential shapes and modern character, is the artistic result of an aesthetic and formal research. The tripodal base, a satin finished steel blade press formed, is a true sculpture. The easy and elegant profile transmit a feeling of extreme. Home Family Furniture - Manufacturer brand item 653799323 BR01.10.01 190973772988 YOD1732. Manufacturered by Yumanmod. Dining Tables prices and availability may vary from time to time. Please contact Wayfair's customer service for ordering information, payment options, order tracking, return policy and guarantee offered.

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Extendable Dining Table Oasi Product Image 1113
Item: 02.83M205C150 190256125395 BTC1152 Extendable Dining Table Oasi - Furniture Kitchen Dining Base finish: Stainless steel. Gloss white glass top. Designed by: Sergio Giobbi. 2 made in leaf extensions on end of table....
Dining Table Tribeca Product Image 1113
Item: 01-3735-272-S 192417481135 JWP1383_25884128_25884124 Dining Table Tribeca - Furniture Kitchen Dining Classical styled dining table with a urban edge to it. Pieces. Table Mechanism: Fixed Table. Seating When Fully Extended:....
Extendable Dining Table Verona Product Image 1113
Item: 58070 702038304913 EALG1341 Extendable Dining Table Verona - Furniture Kitchen Dining The Extendable Dining Table collection is the Italian furniture collection. JWLC has g 1 to exceptional effort to assure...
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Item: CN-B-152 192193946118 YOD2897_22798579 Rectangular Extendable Dining Table Bernie Incredibly easy and linear design, combined with traditional materials of exceptional quality, create a stylish table that...
Dining Table Taurus Product Picture 1113
Item: OZ01.05.03 190968512339 YOD1818 Dining Table Taurus is a reputable Italian made table. Its ancient oak wood top, the precise and geometric lines create, once opened, an elegant...
Fixed Oblique Metal Legs Dining Table Benjamin Product Picture 1113
Item: CN-B-185 192193946187 YOD2903 Fixed Oblique Metal Legs Dining Table Benjamin The quality of the solid wood top demonstrates the elegance and personality of the table , characterized by the acrimonious...
Extendable Dining Table Berry Product Picture 1113
Item: CN-B-138 192193946224 YOD2906 Extendable Dining Table Berry is a refined dining table, extendable in , characterized by a strong solid walnut structure. Featuring a typical inlaid top...
Fixed Dining Table Brandon Product Picture 1113
Item: CN-B-185S 192199743674 YOD2900_22818864 Fixed Dining Table Brandon The Fixed Dining Table offers a dining room solution characterized by natural finishes that emphasize the details of the...
Dining Table Base Rachita Product Photo 1113

ORNE5475 43021996 192264659725 ORNE5475_24293153_24293156 Dining Table Base Rachita - Furniture Kitchen Dining When talking about style with a cutting edge, Dining Table stands out for its ravishingly unique Z shaped base. Its timeless...
Extendable Dining Table Kinzie Product Photo 1113

LOPK7934 43882993 192266619857 LOPK7934 Extendable Dining Table Kinzie - Furniture Kitchen Dining Oak table with extension in craftsmanship by Italian artisans. Antique appearance. Solid oak. Self equalizing extension glides....

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