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: compact tabletop bread molder with interchangeable pressure plate from ; to ; ideal for breads, challah, hot dog buns, specialty breads, dinner rolls, bolillos, cuban bread, sub rolls, breadsticks, Bread Molder by Somerset.

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Movable Trough Assy Berkel Mb Breadslicer Oem A
Movable trough assy for berkel mb breadslicer replacement for berkel part a
Gravity Feed Bread Slicer Gmb Great Condition
Gravity feed bread slicer, great condition tested by in house technicians model serial no. Slice thickness volts amps . Hertz phase single hp . gravity feed bread slicer, model gmb s gmr high capacity
Tray Delivery Cart Trays
Tray delicart series stainless steel cart body allowing max corrosion resistance heavier duty construction for a long service life vented side panels avoid heat and condensation build up inside the cabinet
Hdl Refrigerated High Deli Case
Refrigerated high deli case high deli case self contained rear sliding doors triple pane glass front, thermo pane glass sliding doors rear stainless steel exterior top, front, sides amp; back aluminum
Lavoar Suspendat Cristal Alb Mat Reducere
Lavoar Suspendat Cristal Alb Mat

Mobilier de baie si articole sanitare. Lavoar Suspendat Cristal Alb Mat.

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