Shahrooz Upholstered Chair

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Chairs > Shahrooz Upholstered Chair. Manufacturered by Shahrooz.

Hand etching designs. Cleaning care brillianize is for cleaning acrylic it leaves the surface silky surfaceand static free. Hand. allowing.

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Houndstooth Upholstered Chair Houndstooth upholstered has a walnut base instead the metal base, offering a economical but also tactile...
Ceylon Wood Chair Leather wrapped rattan. Made hardwood. Lightly antique with umber tones. Estates seat cushion recovered....
Sofa Table Made out cast acrylic. Contemporary design. Triangular base with bevel. Functional art. Distressed wood...
Pub Table Date. Hand etching designs. handmade product....

Extendable Set The extendable set is a appointed, table that will. stylized table with a shiny wood finish, with top...

Set The design the table transforms the relation between straight curved lines in a form harmony, the dark...
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